Bill Bronchick's Asset Protection Bootcamp Recording

If you missed Bill Bronchick’s incredible Asset Protection Bootcamp, then you’re in luck!  I personally use the techniques Bill details in his Bootcamp to protect my assets.  Bill is offering a recording of the Bootcamp so you can get up to speed and start protecting your assets today!!  If you want the self-study course on Asset Protection, check them out below, too!!

Here are some of our favorite home study courses by Colorado Real Estate Investor and Lawyer, Bill Bronchick, that we’ve used over the years to acquire and hold real estate (click on the course title below):

Asset Protection Courses

Real Estate Investment Courses

IRA Investing Course

      • Checkbook IRA
        • Use your IRA to invest in real estate
        • Set it up the right way to avoid IRS issue

We also recommend...

In addition to the great products from William Bronchick, ESQ., we recommend using Housing Alerts.  If you’re trying to understand the best places to invest in your town, look no further than Housing Alerts.  

Housing Alerts helps give you get a better understanding of your target market from a technical analysis perspective.  

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